Lets be predictable and start with the obvious. Karan Kapoor’s father is Shashi Kapoor, his grand father was Prithviraj Kapoor, his uncle was Raj Kapoor, his cousin is Rishi Kapoor, his nephew is Ranbir Kapoor and his niece is Kariena Kapoor Khan. Overwhelming…isn’t it?.. and given India’s manical obsession with all things filmy, enough to steal the thunder from any individual’s sincerest efforts in self expression. The reason I chose to bring this out in the very beginning is because, by default, most would join these very dots to arrive at due conclusions about the man, then swoon over his demigod looks… and all this, before (and for some unfortunate souls, even after) seeing what he has magically created on his own…from his spirit. Therefore, I have chosen to introduce his family in relation to him and not him in relation to his family… so whilst he may also be a grandson, son, brother and uncle from ‘the’ first family of Indian films, he is, for me personally, one of the finest constructers of some of the most original imagery that I have seen in a long time!

‘Time & Tide’, his show of photographs, currently on at the Bikaner House in New Delhi, is based on (primarily ageing) Anglo-Indians in Goa. An Anglo-Indian himself, and having spent a considerable amount of time in Baga in Goa, Karan’s interest clearly arises from immortalising the last of a people caught between a racial divide. The works, in luscious silver gelatine prints, show the viewer an unseen and perhaps, for today’s generation, even a visually unrealised and unknown India. They express curious unspoken words through a candid and delightful honesty.. and also from the heartwarming humility of the artist.

Karan now lives in England with his family, and only recently surfaced in India after a hiatus of 25 years. He also indulges in commercial photography and the fact that his website does not show his artistic works is testimony to the fact that the man knows and respects the difference between money and the ‘spiritually’ material.

This show is a must see… you have until the 29th of this month to savour the goods;  the taste of which, I assure you, will linger in the deepest recesses of your core for years to come.

There’s a book too, for purchase, but don’t be boring, invest in a piece of artistic history instead!


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