Share with Care.

Random thoughts: 

Why do we post in social media? Why do we put our private selves out there in the public domain? Why should people be interested in how we look? or where we are? or what class of airline we flew in? or which fancy restaurant we’re dining in? or who we met? Or how we feel about our kids? And our selfies??? More importantly, why do we simply assume that people would be interested at all (other than the 5 out of a list of 5462 FB friends)? The answer could probably lie in man’s need for attention and a constant hunger for appreciation (even if means a mere tap on someone’s virtual keyboard) … it may also stem from that elusive, yet much sought after acknowledgement from ‘others’ as a barometer of our self worth. In truth, I often feel, that for many, their social media avatar thrives (mostly) to either address a latent sense of insecurity or to celebrate (though not always), an active sense of false euphoria. 
The basic truth however remains that it is we ourselves who create our own worth. 

There is however, something noteworthy about social media, and perhaps its primary saving grace: that in it’s frenzy is found it’s solitary and almost magical ability, described in 5 alphabets : SHARE. If you focus on this word in its true essence, you may realise the power you actually yield. Revisit the old adage ‘sharing is caring’, and now think again about what you post and its possible impact on the ones who care to read it. If you think deeper, and choose to venture out into the same gigabyte world now, albeit armed with a newfound degree of awareness, the sheer honesty behind your posts is bound to permeate someone somewhere, and, if more of us did more of this with more sensitivity, more and more people would get a chance of gaining more from the positivity (and wisdom) that we all possess in varied doses…. MORE being the magic word here.

As individuals, it is now almost a responsibility for us to use technology for what it was really created for i.e to facilitate ease for man, and in this case, to also use it to reach a larger audience and try and make a real difference… to unknowingly open doors that we may not know even existed… to connect, in a deeper way, with other fellow humans (and not machines), for it will be in this osmosis of human thoughts and emotions that lives will be touched and indeed enriched… strangers will be magically connected and stubborn boundaries, both physical and mental will collapse.

Therefore, Share with Care… and do it more! Value yourself and trust the ability you possess to make a difference. It may surprisingly end up warming the cockles of several hearts … including yours 😊🙏🏼


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