A Spirit Boundless

Like most progressive fashion houses globally, we have always had a desire to extend our DNA into the realm of luxury Lifestyles. Like most progressive fashion houses, we did so by introducing a line of fine furniture, signature tapestries and cushions a couple of years back, making us the first Indian fashion house ever to create a dedicated and comprehensive experience for home with a space of its own. Like most progressive fashion houses, we vehemently celebrated our country through this expression. But, unlike most others, we also celebrate craft in its entirety in the JJ VALAYA Home collection.

In a modern world which has embraced technology and minimalism to an almost disturbing level, it is perhaps only the arts and crafts that will keep mankind’s connection with its past alive and prospering. Therefore, as creators, whilst it is important for us to keep commerce and ’trends’ in mind, it is also our moral responsibility to embrace our past as unabashedly as we can and reinterpret it as much as we should to make it relevant for today. Looking around, you will notice that a commercially successful Ralph Lauren Home still highlights the American way of life to the hilt, a Versace Home celebrates Baroque Italy in all its ornate splendour whereas an Armani Casa subtly advocates its modern minimalism, a Rifat Ozbek (once a well-known fashion designer of Turkish descent, now completely focuses on Home Interiors and especially on his cushion collection Yastik) whereas an Issey Miyake indulged in a unique cultural handshake with Finnish company Iitalla to create the ‘Iittala X Issey Miyake Home Collection’ which combines Scandinavian and Asian craftsmanship with clean aesthetics to create a balanced ambiance. Essentially, wherever you look, they’ve all chosen to celebrate craft and their roots in their own unique ideologies.

Creativity is a fascinating journey and I refuse to be shackled by limitations of any kind. JJ VALAYA Home is just about warming up to create masterpieces inspired by craft and detail, interpreted of course by the Royal Nomad in me, albeit with a strong Indian spirit. Though there is a wave of minimalist cool that exists in India, we are intrinsically a country of maximalists (a cursory glance at our festivals, weddings, food, architecture, clothes etc. will only reinforce my point). Yet, we are also a modern evolving nation and what makes this so exciting for me is the ability and opportunity to create a line which evokes the very spirit of India, using the crafts and expertise that India is replete with, and simultaneously, to intriguingly appeal to a mature global audience. Overt ethnicity may be passé but Inspiration most certainly is not!

Needless to say, this is one journey I intend enjoying, and most certainly, to my heart’s content.

All images above are of products from JJ VALAYA Home.

Copyright: JJ Valaya/ All rights reserved. All images are the sole property of JJ Valaya. No part of this post/publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of JJ Valaya. This applies to all acts of use, in particular such as the reproduction of pictures and text, their performance and demonstration, translation, filming, microfilming, broadcasting, storage and processing in electronic media


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