All that glitters is not Gold

I have to admit that I am a die-hard fan of all things burnished and antique simply because I truly believe that they impart a great deal of inherent character and timelessness as opposed to the overtly new and shiny. So imagine the first thought that crossed my mind when one of the world’s largest crystal companies, Swarovski approached me to create a line of fashion jewellery with them…Glitter, Glitter and more Glitter! Except…it did not take long for me to vanquish the fleeting moment and instead, embrace an entirely new one: being convinced of using a Swarovski product which did not shine and perhaps, which most people did not even know, existed in their portfolio…Pearls!

Now, as some of you may know, I have a history with Swarovski; Years back, when they came into India, I was appointed their first ever Brand Ambassador and ever since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and creating stunning couture which has dazzled all with its brilliance (pun not intended). Swarovski is a flag bearer in the crystallised realm and I know for a fact that nothing comes remotely close to them when it comes to their quality in products they excel in… add to this the fact that they’re a constantly evolving brand and coming out with amazing concepts year after year only makes this association that much more energised. However, this one time, when I decided to move away from crystals and instead work with a beautiful assortment of asymmetric pearls, blended stunningly with oxidised gold metal and highlighted with subtle accents of Black diamond crystals, it was also about the coming together of Austrian perfection and the iconic craftsmanship of the jewellers of Jaipur. Needless to say, the result of this confluence was spectacular!

In life, I believe that to surprise is important…. but perhaps the real art lies in surprising yourself first before trying to prove anything to the world. In fact, this is probably the core fundamental of great design and art; it was also the sole belief that guided me into creating this line. To work with a crystal company and yet showcase a relatively lesser known facet of its prowess to the world can be challenging, but can often also result in a beautiful language. However, whilst this may seem like the beginning of a beautiful new idea, I believe that it is also the byproduct of a very successful old association, and one, where I am also looking forward to for many more seasons of creativity and discovery.

But for now, I’d simply like to revel in thoughts of sensual Indian duskiness accentuated with the lustre of gunmetal pearls and gold…of hints of turquoise with a kiss of black diamonds. Thank you Swarovski, for the brilliance and for giving us creators a chance to shine! Thank you India, for ever surprising all with your riches! Thank you both, for giving me my world, where I continue to have fun and derive immense joy from the beauty of contradictions.

The new and the timeless can indeed coexist… atleast in my world.

Photos courtesy SWAROVSKI. The Ranas of Kachchh collection of Fashion Jewellery by JJ Valaya in association with Swarovski.


2 thoughts on “All that glitters is not Gold

  1. Bought a piece of everything in your collection at Ogaan in Hauz Khas. They were part of my gift to my sister who was the moon to receive them 🙂 I fell in love with them as soon as I walked in. Why? The design and craftsmanship is fab, its both ancient and modern, its Swarovski and its you!


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