Gulistan~A modern Romance.

Perhaps the most amazing part about creativity is it’s lack of boundaries. This can often be misinterpreted as lack of focus too but essentially this is really about man stretching himself to create beauty to the best of his ability, to surprise himself and others… to celebrate the gift that he has been bestowed with, as much and for as long as he can.

Dream! And however much anyone may dissuade you and push practicality down your throat, don’t stop! Thats where it all begins… but then realisation of the dream too is a must. In truth, the unfulfilled dream is merely a result of giving up too soon… of reaching the door at the end of the passage and turning back simply because you failed to see the key in the dark. Looking back at my own journey, i started with oils in school, was separated from art in my 4 years of commerce college, only to run back into its warm embrace in the guise of fashion, somewhere along the line i discovered photography or rather, the art of making images; around the same time as brand JJ VALAYA, we ventured into Tapestries, Furniture, Interiors, Jewellery, Wedding Design and finally our most recent creative outburst, Tiles!

I personally think creativity is often vanquished by commerce, and though commercial success is somewhat mandatory for a sense of self appreciation and sustenance, it is also the sword that could strike too soon and too fast. Guarding oneself is not easy, but if you’re smart enough, you’ll figure out a way to balance both… just don’t sacrifice one for the other… both must and can co-exist.

So firstly, I’d like to get my design ethos out of the way. Without a doubt, I am a modern maximalist. I celebrate both, the old and the new and derive sheer joy from playing with contradictions.

Creating wall-art (Tiles somehow just doesn’t cut it for me) is a process i’ve truly enjoyed over the years. From the finest of tapestry crafted painstakingly by hand to the beautiful GULISTAN SERIES of tiles (made in association with FCML), creating art for something that surrounds us (walls do, don’t they?) is always a wonderful labour of love. Inspired by Mughal flowers, this 3 part series interprets the Islamic flower in 3 variations with the signature VALAYA leaf chevron as its common thread. I think its vey important for the world to not lose the past in the quest of overt minimalism; i truly believe that a perfect environment (i’m talking about the one we physically create for ourselves) is one which makes you happy and gracefully grows with you in years. I’ve also believed that the past and the present must co-exist in any modern space and some of the most dramatic spaces i’ve seen uphold this belief as well. Most importantly, when we integrate history into the now, we keep it alive for the generations to follow… we keep a story alive for them… we keep a romance kindled.

Just think about it, when a child, years later asks you about something overtly modern and minimalistic you created or acquired now, which could well be the rage now (as this principle applies to the Arts as well), what story would you tell him? My guess is there would be little to share as the fad would have died and with it any semblance of romance that may have existed then… but if you had to answer the same question on Da Vinci or on Mughal miniatures or about some historic palace, every brush stroke and every brick in the wall would have a story to tell. Point being, embrace the new because its fresh and exciting, but at the same time, don’t forget the past and gently make it a part of your story.

I can assure you this… the quality of conversations that you’ll have years later would have become so much more enriched.

Copyright: JJ Valaya/ All rights reserved. All images are the sole property of JJ Valaya. No part of this post/publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of JJ Valaya. This applies to all acts of use, in particular such as the reproduction of pictures and text, their performance and demonstration, translation, filming, microfilming, broadcasting, storage and processing in electronic media


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