Tijara. Part 1

Oh Rajasthan! How I love thee!

That said, this post moves away from the ‘much cultivated and much loved’ ideology of the exotic Maharajas of Rajasthan (and their palaces) and veers instead towards the fakir of Rajasthan (as he vehemently insists on calling himself). My dear friend Aman Nath, the chic fakir who’s obvious passion (and business) is to take over forgotten forts and havelis and breathe new life into them invited me last weekend to what’s kept him busy for the last 10 years of his life: Tijara Fort. A short drive away from Delhi (considering you’d take more time in getting around locally in large Indian cities), Tijara is a labour of love and one that, in parts, continues to be love-in-progress. Be advised though, Tijara is no Ritz Carlton; it is a subdued homely version of subtle luxury as typically understood and interpreted by Neemrana hotels … it’s the sort of place that offers you a much needed doze of soulful solitude in a ‘home meets history meets hospitality’ environment. Its USP, the interesting rooms created by art, fashion and design legends are indeed a unique concept.

Do make a trip and discover more. (Go in an SUV though because the love-in-progress applies to the drive up to the fort too.)

In my rather short, but lovely 90 minute visit to the property I managed some interesting images. Going to break them up into 2 parts… starting with colour and then moving into black & whites… Enjoy!


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