I, Me, Myself

Thoughts crossing my mind … The social media world is (mostly) about ‘I’, isn’t it?….. it’s like the secret diary we all wanted to write as children but in this case, some of us left it’s tiny lock open and deliberately lost the key 😊…. “I did this, I feel this, I travelled here, I ate this, I hate him, I love them, I am cool, I got a picture with a celeb, I am bored, I am fat, I love chocolate…”. From teenagers to the wise old ones, the story is pretty much the same… the story of “I”.

Could this be pent up narcissism?… or are we simply assuming that it is our moral obligation to let the world know about all that we do and/or feel?

Don’t get me wrong…. sharing is great, in fact necessary (Blogs are a testimony to this fact), but I wish a significant some of us would harness the true power of the internet and could (also) get beyond ourselves and have an honest opinion about things that can initiate change… thoughts that can make others wonder…. posts that could genuinely attempt to make a difference.

Ah well… Meanwhile, just read on FB that miss X is sipping an expensive champagne whilst sitting in the first class lounge of an airline and is further traveling to an exotic destination (Happy for you, my dear but that really is more your business than of all the hapless who have to endure this exalted degree of enlightenment repeatedly; and anyways, what’s the deal about sticking that map with a dotted line showing origin & destination with class of travel on your personal FB Page?)… Truly moved darling … Chin Chin (which incidentally has a rather interesting meaning in Japanese… do look it up)!

In the midst of my country’s republic day celebrations today, i simply could not resist this line:

Think about all that Mahatma Gandhi would have achieved if he had access to the internet …

Just saying…

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