Suryagarh. Jaisalmer, India. Part 1

To call India a mere country would be grossly inappropriate; for it is indeed, a continent within itself where one can and will, observe incredible changes in almost everything (People, Food, Architecture, Weather, Language…) if he or she were to travel East to West and/or North to South. As an Indian, often, I’ve even found myself awe-struck by the sheer diversity that this country offers! I do hope that within this lifetime I am able to witness as much of this magic as i can, and in turn, get an opportunity to share such moments with you. Today, i thought i’ll visit (with you) a beautiful property called Suryagarh located in one of India’s most tourist friendly states, Rajasthan in a city called Jaisalmer.

You’ll find plenty of flowery reviews and oodles of praises about this boutique property online and offline and almost all have obviously gushed about how special it is. And though most are accurate, it is my firm belief that hotels become noteworthy not because of the way they look or due to their EQ (Exotic quotient) but more importantly because of how they make you feel and how connected they themselves are to their surroundings, and all this without trying too hard.

And that is where this hotel scores! From the time you hop off the flight in Jodhpur (subconsciously dreading the 4-5 hour drive to Jaisalmer that is to follow) and spot the chauffeur waiting at the airport to receive you (his subsequent pampering takes good care of ridding you of all your fears linked to the haul) to the warm reception you recieve at the hotel itself…From the smiles of the liveried staff to the unpretentious luxury of the rooms… From the expanse of raw topography that surrounds it to the manicured elegance of its gardens…From the delectable quality of the local-inspired-gourmet cuisine to the lonesome crooner’s haunting voice in the courtyard… Everything seems to come together in a surreal manner to almost make you feel as if you belong there and simply never want to leave. (That said, i suspect, a lot of credit goes to the owner Manvendra Shekhawat’s vision and to the perfection of a very charming gentleman who treats this hotel as his home, Karan Singh).

I’m going to leave it upto the internet to tell you more (in case you desire to know more i.e.) and I’m sure it doesn’t take much to realise that i highly recommend a visit here to all who plan to venture out to Jaisalmer.

And yes, whilst you’re there, try and indulge in the comfort of the Jaisalmer Haveli, with its private infinity pool and other privileges, its your very own oasis in the midst of the mighty Thar.

More on Jaisalmer, the city in Part 2.

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