Several years back, when i was a design student and low on funds (as most students are), I chanced upon a discounted book in a bookshop: Public Appearances by Lord Snowdon. I had no idea who he was but the pictures were nice and the price made me smile…I had purchased my first coffee table book and unknowingly, been initiated into the world of photography!

A month back, after finishing season One of THE CROWN on Netflix, besides the Queen, what intrigued me most was perhaps the life of Princess Margaret (now I suppose I don’t have to wait for season Two to know that she chose to fall in love and subsequently marry yet another commoner, Antony Armstrong-Jones also known as Lord Snowdon).

Except, he was anything but common! A controversial figure (creativity and eccentricity do go hand in hand after all), he may have been the conversation point for several obscure reasons but no one can deny him the 60 years that he relentlessly put into making beautiful imagery and stunning portraits for the world to take notice of.

This is my tribute to the man and his makings.

Thank you Lord Snowdon for doing what you did..for creating what you could. The book in my library may have aged in years, but it remains young in my memory as ‘the’ single most relevant acquisition I have ever made.

R.I.P. … and for you, Lord Snowdon, it denotes ‘Revel in Paradise’


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